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flower basket arrangement by success florist

Flowers bring joy to family and friends

Well, actually, the saying has more to do with diamonds than flowers, but you’d be hard pressed to find a […]


Church Fundraising: What To Consider When Taking The Next Step

Between 2007 and 2014, Christianity in the United States saw a decline of nearly 7.9% of individuals who identity as […]

social media

Church Fundraising Through Social Media

Every year the United States becomes increasingly secularized. With those participating in organized Christianity having dropped between 1 and 3 […]

large congregation

Considerations For Large Congregations

At a time when churches are shrinking across the country, some brave congregations have taken a proactive step towards building […]

small congregation

Considerations For Small Congregations Interested In Growing

Across this great country, a great deal of work is being done by small Christian churches interested in spreading the […]


How Raising Funds Can Benefit Your Mission

In the past decade, Christianity has seen a marked drop in the United States.  While 83% of Americans still consider […]